050507a: Testing Fonts etc.

...This should be 116%.

...This should be 119% after two line breaks. ...This should be 122% w/ no line break.

020107a: Pointing

.....Note the links on the sidebar to our other blogs!

040806p: Routine Maintenance

.....Just making sure everything's OK!

030906p: An Introduction

.....By way of introduction, TESTSITE METABLOG is A SOMEWHAT EXPERIMENTAL BLOG ABOUT BLOGS AND BLOGGING! It's a place to go to get up to the minute information about other people's blogs and help with your own. "Testsite" is pretty much self explanatory, and most people know the word blog is just short for weblog, a sort of journal or diary posted on the world wide web. The prefix "meta" is from the Greek and literally means "above". I first picked up on it in the field of Interpersonal Relations where a metacommunication was simply a communication about a communication. Here it means "a blog about blogs".

010306a: Off and Running w/ Our First Post

.....Just a quick note: I'm ready, ready's anybody can be. I'm ready for you, I hope you're ready for me!!